Yesterday had an amazing start. Cuddlebitch and Tussleman took me to a forest and there were hundreds of other dogs there, all a silly colour but smelling just like me! I said hello to all of them, making sure to sniff their butts before anything else to show how polite I am.

Whiffybitch came along to the forest as well – she obviously misses me – although she doesn’t smell as interesting as the gingers, so I didn’t waste much of my time on her.

Cuddlebitch was a bit of a nightmare, frankly. She didn’t like me sniffing and playing with the other dogs, so she put me on the Lead for ages. But later she let me off, and we played lots, and then I found a really long stick! It was longer than any other stick I’d ever seen, so I took it to Cuddlebitch. She was very impressed and gave me lots of treats.

Then I found an even longer stick, which was totally amazing, so I took that to Cuddlebitch too! She gave me more treats, though she and Whiffybitch laughed a lot. Finally I found the biggest stick ever, but I didn’t think it would fit in the car so I left it to play with next time.



There were so many rabbits in the hopper field yesterday! I ran over to play with them, but they all ran into the bushes before I’d had a chance to even sniff their butts. I was very disappointed, but then Sooty and his two-legs came to the field so I ran circles around Sooty to show Tussleman how fast I am. He told me I was a Good Dog and gave me so many treats, way more than Cuddlebitch ever does. I’m happy that I’m not slow and lazy like Sooty, and that Tussleman is so proud to be my two-legs.

I forgot to mention that Cuddlebitch doesn’t like me investigating or digging around the earth in the conservatory. To be honest, I didn’t just forget to mention it, I forgot that she doesn’t like it altogether. It was an honest mistake, but now she’s definitely sulking: yesterday she wouldn’t let me in the conservatory at all, even when I howled!

Yesterday was another sunny day, and Cuddlebitch spent a good part of the day digging in the garden. Cuddlebitch isn’t always very appreciative when I try and help her by digging, so I spend most of my time in the garden sniffing everything that’s new and making sure that it smells like me so that Cats know they should stay away. Tussleman calls me his old mucker and tells me that I look undignified, but I do the hard work of rolling around and spreading my scent so that he doesn’t have to!

Yesterday was wonderfully sunny, so I spent most of the afternoon in the conservatory. I love lying on the floor and feeling the sun on my fur, though it’s even better when the sun shines on the sofa and I can lie on the cushions.

I had to howl again before Cuddlebitch would let me into the conservatory though. She keeps the door closed to stop Tussleman from wandering in and stealing all of my sun.

So yesterday Cuddlebitch didn’t give me first meal after our walk, and second meal was very small. I think she wants me to find more rabbits. I’m going to hunt all over the fields to find another rabbit and make Cuddlebitch proud!